• We have a fully and recently refurbished workshop available for all types of repair work including (but not limited to!) tapping and facing bottom brackets, reaming and facing headtubes, re-aligning mech hangers, checking frame alignment, wheel building and truing, bearing replacement in frames, hub servicing, Shimano Alfine servicing, suspension tuning and the normal servicing as detailed below.

    Having your bike serviced will highlight any minor (or major!) niggles that detract from a perfectly performing machine. After every major service - especially one that involves a change of chain, cassette or cables, you will find some minor adjustments may be required. We offer a free minor tune after every service just to ensure top notch performance.



    Safety Service -
    This is basically a bike version of an MOT. It includes a gear and brake service (including hydraulics), some minor wheel truing, a full bike check over and ensuring the bike is set up correctly. We will also suggest where any work may be required (such as chains and cassettes) and do this where requested.
    This is the most suitable service for a bike that may have been laid up over winter or just for a bike that needs a check before you start riding again.


    General Service -
    This service includes everything listed in the Safety Service, plus a more in-depth service. This includes stripping down and regreasing hubs and headset, a full service on the brakes and gears, a mech hanger adjust and a bike wash, making sure the bike is running as smoothly as possible.


    Full Service -
    This service is for someone wanting the bike running really brilliantly - much better than new! The whole bike is stripped down to the bare frame and rebuilt from the ground up. This means that every possible issue can be highlighted and sorted, getting the bike running perfectly.


    Full Race Service -
    This service includes everything listed in the Full Service, but also includes removing, polishing and lubricating (with performance products) all bearings and bearing surfaces, replacement of all bolts with nylon, aluminium or titanium (parts not included) and the frame faced, reamed, checked and adjusted for perfect alignment.