• Whether your bike is secondhand or a custom wonderbike, you can rest assured we will repair it as if it's our own. We take great pride in our very well stocked and professionally refurbished workshop. As perfectionists, we are well aware how much a tiny creak, unlubricated bearing or slight wheel wobble can mean the difference between a great ride and a nightmare!
    We take great pride in ensuring your bike will be fixed to the best of our abilities and without a massive bill at the end of it too!

    Also, with parts being so expensive nowadays we will gladly fit any parts you bring to us with no extra surcharge - and we will gladly help you with any warranty claims as well.




    Wheel True

    From £7.50

    Wheel Rebuild


    Gear Service (inc fitting new cables – parts not inc)


    Brake Service (inc fitting new cables – parts not inc)


    Hydraulic Brake service (inc fluid)


    Fitting new BB or headset (inc facing)


    Fork Service

    From £50.00

    Fitting and gluing tubular tyres (inc glue, tape extra)

    £15.00 per tyre

    Fitting and sealing tubeless tyres (inc sealant)

    £7.50 per tyre

    Hub Servicing

    From £7.50

    For any repairs not listed above, please contact us for a quote!