• Sun, Mar 30, 2014
  • It's not every day you have such an interesting job to work on - this bike was dropped off to me by Max to fit new wheels, derailleurs, and a Hope V-Twin cable to hydraulic brake converter!

    Having never fitted one before I was quite happy to get my hands dirty and get stuck in. The actual fitting is very similar to Hope X2 brakes (including cutting the hoses and bleeding). Quite a bit fiddling and some very exact adjustments later and they were all fitted and working brilliantly. I can thoroughly recommend them in use - the modulation is great, the power is impressive and almost all of the benefits of hydraulics. But on a road bike!

    Overall the job was a nice one to do and I look forward to getting my hands onto another V Twin sometime soon.

    Check out the Gallery Page for more photos with greater detail.