• Fri, Nov 24, 2017
  • Having spent some time working on these for the past few years, along with the purchase of some new equipment, we are now happy to announce to we can fix (what might have previously been written off) tubular tyres.
    Having spent some time repairing old tubular tyres as a way to keep himself in decent tubs, Mike is now happy to offer this service to our customers.
    We have just finished fixing a cyclocross tubular which had been stored flat with sealant inside. The tube had blown when inflated (as sealant can cause the tube to stick to itself). Once opened, the tube was replaced with another latex tube carefully, glued, tested and sewn back up. It has now glued back onto the wheel and being ridden very happily by its owner (who had been looking at a £90 replacement bill!)
    Do contact us for details and costs - as different tubulars will costs different amounts due to complexity.