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    Chain-L started working several years ago to satisfy the three most important requirements of a chain lubricant: "Lubrication, Lubrication, and Lubrication."

    Chain-L states that while "properties like external cleanliness may seem important, the fact is that internal wear of the 112 overloaded, overworked and overlooked bearings is what destroys chains."

    This is an all-weather lube that offers maximum lubrication and extremely long service life. This is not a 'dry' lube - it's akin to an oil and serves your drivetrain exceptionally well in the wet. Chain-L has become our favourite lube in the local trails, proving its versatility in a variety of real world conditions.

    Expect a quieter and smoother operating drivetrain with less routine maintenance. This lube is used by the Richard Sachs cyclocross team and the Independent Fabrications mountain squad.

    If you live and ride consistently in the wet, we can't recommend this lube enough.

    "This stuff is the Sinatra of chain lubes"  - Richard Sachs